Factory floor space occupied 8000 square meters with a total area , workshop covers 5000 square meters, with 50 employees.

1. Deparments for complete management: Finance, Administration, Planning, Technology, Quality Control, Warehouse,  Metal Workshop, Stamping Workshop, Straightening Room, Packing Lines, Inspection Room, and Lab, etc.

2. Equipments for producing Stailness steel, metal, & Aluminum items:  20 punches, 18 argon arc welding machines, 46 pneumatic spot welding machines, 4 automatic welding machines, 1 automatic frame bender, 2 shears, 2 pipe cutting machines, 13 straightening machines, 2 shearing bed, 3 milling machines, 2 grinders, 1 stiffness tester and 1 salt spray test chamber.

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